Speaking Words of Wisdom

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May 10-11, 2015
6:45 pm pre-show
7:00 pm main concert

Speaking Words of Wisdom creatively incorporates various art forms including: the human voice (singing), instruments (the band), movement (dancers), poetry (student poems), visual art (hand painted banners), and graphic design (powerpoint).  There will be anniversary’s remembered:  The 70th Anniversary of the end of WW2 and the 70th Anniversary of the end of the Holocaust.

There will be four areas covered throughout the performance including “WAR, EVIL, VISION, AND TRIUMPH”.  Each area highlighted by distinct music and words for that specific area will lead the listener on a journey.  A journey that may be as individual as each song throughout the show.

The show focuses on the idea that the world needs more “wisdom” in order for its people to really understand and help each other.  We need to think about what “peace” really means and how DO we take care of each other……can we do more?  The choir has discussed how people can be more selfless versus selfish and how each one of us “can” make a difference in our world. We discuss in class how small steps can make “big” changes and how each one of us can be more caring and loving to people in our world.  We take it to the next level and put our feelings into our songs.  Music is powerful and we want our message of a more “peaceful” world to resonate to our audience and beyond.  Take our message and pass it on.  PASS IT ON.

The 303 Franklin Middle School and Lincoln High School choir members promise a spectacular night of music for all in attendance.  Robert Robinson will be coming back after a two year leave.  The choir members are very excited to perform once again with the “king” of Gospel music. Gospel soloist Tonia Hughes will be making her third appearance as well as the Stellar nominated Gospel group, Darnell Davis and the Remnant. These professional artists from the Minneapolis area help the choir take the show to an even higher level of energy. The artists and the students rehearse together, laugh together, share stories together, record together, and finally perform together…….that in itself has become a beautiful journey for the past 10 years for all involved.   The band members are each professional instrumentalists from Minneapolis and New York City and have a very special relationship with the Lincoln choir members.  Beyond performances in Thief River Falls, all of the professional singers and instrumentalists have performed with the choir in both Minneapolis and New York City on numerous occasions. We are so extremely fortunate to be able to have these musicians take part in our spring performances each year

AND……. debuting on the LHS stage will be the 17 voice “Sing For Life Choir” consisting of adult community women from Thief River Falls and Greenbush that meet every Monday in the choir room to work via long-distance learning with the MacPhail Center For Music in Minneapolis.  These ladies will be featured in the War section of the concert where they will be honoring the anniversary of WW2 through “Love Letters and Love Songs” of that time period. This will start at 6:45pm……please note that this is 15 minutes before our regular starting time. They will be directed by Jeanie Brindley-Barnett.  Jeanie is a MacPhail instructor that has visited the LHS Choirs on various occasions.  Jeanie and Mrs. Reese collaborated in 2000-2002 in bringing the “Butterfly Songs” to the choir members.  This was a tribute to the Holocaust and specifically the Terezin concentration camp. It is only fitting that Jeanie return to the stage once again as the choir members honor the children that perished during that horrible time in history just 70 years ago.

The show time is roughly two hours.

Concert begins at 7:00 sharp.