I See a Star


Plan now to attend “I See A Star” presented by the Lincoln High School Choral Department. The students have a beautiful show to present to all who attend. The sights and sounds of December will be in its full brilliance each evening as over 350 plus singers perform songs to warm each and every heart that attends the concert. The concert will be held in the Lincoln High School Auditorium with doors to the northside of the school opening one hour before the concert begins. The outside doors to the building will open at 6:30 with the auditorium doors opening at 6:45. This year each concert goer can check their coat in the new lobby area so they are more comfortable in their seat. The small donation for the coat check will help defray some of the expenses for the performance. Come one, come all to “I See A Star”. A beautiful way to start the holdiay season!!

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